The Concept of of Hell in English Bibles of 20th Century

بیسویں صدی کی معروف انگریزی بائبلوں کا تصورِ جہنم (اایک تجزیاتی ، تقابلی اور وصفی مطالعہ)۔

  • Khursheed Ahmed Saeedi


One cannot get reward of one's good deeds or punishment of his bad deeds fully in this world. The holy and sacred books of many religions teach the concept of life Hereafter and the Day of Judgment to their believers to receive the reward or the punishment of their acts and deeds fully as mentioned in these books. We find in these books that hell is a place where the wrong doers and sinners will be punished.The Bible is one of those primary books of the world religions which present the idea of Judgment and punishment in hell. This study presents the discussion and results of such very important question as: What is the Bible's concept of hell? Who will be sent to hell? etc. Starting with the King James Bible, which is also called the Authorized Version of the Bible, this study examines the relevant verses and passages, of both the Old and New Tetaments of the famous Bibles of 20th century, in which the term hell has been used. This study also notes the various trends of modern Bibles regarding the use of the term Hell. In addition, the use of this term in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament has been inspected comparatively in eight famous Bibles published in English language during the twentieth century. Besides, this study tries to discover and describe the types of those people who will be punished in the hell pointing to the bad deeds due to which they will be thrown into it. Lastly, this study also offers some suggestions, regarding the use of hell, to those scholars who translate the Qur'an or/and other Islamic books into English language. 

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