Luqta and Laqeet (In doctrine of Shariah) - The Things found in way possessed by Unknown

لقطہ اور لقیط(گری پڑی چیز اٹھانےکا)شرعی حکم

  • Abdul Ali


"LUQTA" is a term used in Islamic Jurisprudence which means a thing, one finds fallen in a way without seeking for it. If it is a non-living material thing is called "LUQTA" in Shariah "LUQTA" is such a non living material which may be found to a person on the passage and whose proprietor or possessor is truly not known and "LUQEET" is a living new born baby who has been thrown out due to fear of poverty or a blame of adultery. Another same term in Jurists use is "AlThualah" but most of the Jurists are of the opinion that term: "Al-Thualah" implies only to a lost cattle.In Shariah Doctrine the injection for "LUQTA" is that if someone finds such a thing it is "MUSTAHIB" to take in possession however he should be sure of his intention that he will return it to its master after publicity and search. If he is not sure about his intention than it is batter to leave it on the same place — however if the finder thinks that the found is not safe then it is 'WAJIB' to pick it up.So far 'LAQEET' is concerned it is in the category of 'MANDOOB' to pick it up however if its safety is doubtful and is thought that it will be abolished, for example it is drowned in water or in danger of a harmful animal then it lies in the category of 'WAJIB' to pick him. It is the responsibility of Muslims either individually or collectively to look after such a founding of Muslim parents.In case of cattle it is also right to catch it and to try to find his master.

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