Communication Features of Civic State of Madina

مدینہ کی شہری ریاست کے ابلاغی خدوخال

  • Dr. Muhammad Riaz


Medina is considered as foremost base for the orchestration of Islamic state. It was the state where Islam grew up and successfully approached to neighboring countries. Being a Muslim, It is true believe that all sort of deeds related to living standard were performed in known as Islamic State. It includes the way of ruling, war and military codes, the political tides, hairsplitting of economics, religion and society. Considering Medina as classic society, relatively the main task was carried out which known as “Preaching”, “Communication” or “Publication”. The society of Medina used to enjoy all sort of communications such as: Verbal: Radia and TV is alike of it. Whereas, sermons, mutual negotiation and general assembly speeches fall under this example. Functional: The picture of practical precedent of Hazrat Muhammad ( ) ﷺ and among his followers can be observed in today’s news and talk-shows. Speeches: All course of actions which were held during the ruler of Islamic State (Muhammad ﷺ), the listeners of today’s world can be put in this category. The above examples are equivalent to the presently mediated communication. The research study investigates the media being practice in the Medina city.

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